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Est. 1994


     Windrifter is a small, hobby cattery nestled in the North Woods of Minnesota among the towering pines in the "Land of Sky Blue Waters."  
brings forth visions of blowing and drifting snow and blasts of cold, arctic air, similar to that of Russia and to what we have here in the Northland.
     We chose the Siberian because of their good looks, friendly personalities, gentleness, and because they are extremely strong and healthy, coming from an environment similar to ours where the thermometer sometimes dips far below zero!
     The queens (breeding girls) live in the house as family pets.  Kittens are raised underfoot with lots of love and attention.    Because unneutered toms (breeding males) have the unpleasant habit of marking their territory, they are housed separately after adolescence in the "cat barn" where each has their own apartment.  They have enclosed beds with heating pads and blankets during cold weather. 
     The boys also have large chain link enclosures in the pines where they can play, climb, and exercise.  This keeps them in good, hard, physical condition.   If the wind is not blowing and the sun is shining, they will go outside for short periods of time, even if it is -20 below!
     In the winter, the cats develop a beautiful, full winter coat and toe tufts on the bottom of their feet, which allow them to withstand the cold quite efficiently.  

    The temperament of Windrifter Siberians is exceptional!  They are usually quiet, easy-going, loving, devoted and loyal.  Some are fascinated by water.  Sometimes they will put their toys in their water bowls or play with water dripping from a faucet.  Others love to retrieve, much like a dog. 
     The Siberian has  a very pronounced "tail quiver"  that is seen when they greet you, along with special vocalizations that sound like  "chirps" and  "trills."
     We have placed many kittens in homes where allergies to cats had previously been a problem.   These cats seem to be easier on allergies than other breeds, and this has now been proven with the development of tests which verify that many Siberians are low in the FelD1 protein which causes most of the allergic reaction in people. This is great news for cat lovers who are allergic to cats!
     We are dedicated to the Siberian and strive to produce top quality kittens that are healthy and people loving. 
     If you are interested in purchasing one of our beautiful Siberian kittens, please contact us for availability and details or check out the kitten page!



 "Emerald Forest Zhenka of Windrifter"
Senior Stud at Windrifter Cattery
Owned by:
Judy Miller/Windrifter Siberians


  Head shot of "Zhenka"
Blue mackerel tabby/white


"Windrifter Nadezhda Nikitovna"
brown classic tabby/white
Bred and owned by:
Judy Miller/Windrifter Siberians


   "Nadia" at 5 1/2 weeks


Sir Boleslav of Windrifter
Russian Import
Judy Miller/Windrifter Siberians


                "Zhenka" in his summer coat


 "Windrifter Galushka Zhenkovna"
Blue mackerel tabby/white
Bred and owned by:
Judy Miller/Windrifter Siberians


Member of  The International Cat Association
Member of TAIGA, the Siberian Breed Club

Veterinarian's phone number and references upon request
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