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Forest Cat Differences

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Forest Cat Differences
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     The geometry is what distinguishes the Siberian from the other forest cats.   The Siberian's head has rounded contours, with large eyes that are almost round.  Their ears are as much on the side of their head as on the top.  They have a broad, rounded muzzle, that is shorter than the other two breeds.  They should have a barrel-shaped body.  The overall physical appearance should be one of strength and power, but with a sweet expression. 
     The Maine Coon has a more rectangular and longer body, tail, and legs, with ears set high on the head.
The eyes are oval, and the muzzle is broad and square.
     The Norwegian Forest Cat  has a triangular head, almond-shaped eyes, and pointed ears.
The muzzle is pleasingly round and should fit into the straight lines of the triangle.
     All of these breeds are slow to mature, taking as long as 5 years.