Windrifter Siberians
Breed Description

Breed Description
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     The head is a large, modified wedge, broader at the skull and narrowing slightly to a wide, rounded muzzle.
     There should be a good distance between the ears and eyes.  The ears are medium large, wide, and set as much on the side of the head as on the top.  The top of the ear is rounded, and may have lynx tipping. The large, rounded eyes are wide set.
     The coat is medium to long, and in colder climates has a very thick undercoat.  There should be an abundant ruff setting off the large, impressive head.  A wavy coat is not characteristic.  The skin is tough, and may be bluish in color.
     They are quiet, easy going, and devoted, with pleasant voices.  Sometime they make chirping sounds and trills.
     The overall physical appearance should be one of strength and power, while at the same time having a sweet expression.
     The Siberian Cat makes a wonderful addition to any family.