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     The Siberian is northern Russia's native longhaired cat.  These large, powerful cats are still rare in the U.S., and not widely recognized.  While the USSR was still under Communist rule, pet ownership was discouraged due to shortages of food and housing.  After the end of the Communist regime, it became acceptable to own pets and organize and join pet clubs.
     In days gone by,  the cats protected granaries from rodents in Siberia and were well loved by their owners because of it. 
     Due to the extremely cold climate, they developed superior survival qualities such as longer hair with a
heavy undercoat, thicker skin, and water repellent coats.
     The first Siberians were imported to the U.S. in June of 1990, by Elizabeth Terrell, in exchange for four award-winning Himalayans. 
     The Siberian is now accepted into all U.S. Registries.